Eyelash Extensions

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions enhance the beauty of your lash by adding volume and length all while looking and feeling like your very own! These extensions are the highest quality extensions on the market. Applied to each and every lash with a medical grade bond, they last as long as the existence of your natural lash. Our own lash has a lifespan of 60-90 days. 


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What are Eyelash Extensions? 
Eyelash extensions composed of single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are virtually weightless and curved to replicate a natural eyelash. Eyelash extensions are applied directly to the individual natural eyelashes one at a time. Available in over 400 varieties, including various lengths, thicknesses, curvatures and colors, there are endless options for design. The result is a long-lasting and natural-looking extension of your natural beauty.
Are Eyelash Extensions safe?
Eyelash extension products, application procedures, and adhesives are exclusively developed to the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance by a team of scientists, physicians and expert lash stylists. Certified Lash Stylists are credentialed health and beauty professionals who have successfully completed rigorous, comprehensive, hands-on training. During this pain-free procedure, you will recline comfortably with your eyes closed throughout the application, which many women describe as midday beauty rest. 
How long does the procedure take and how do I prepare?
Depending on the number of lashes applied and the skill of the stylist, a full set (approximately 60-80 lashes per eye) will take from 90-120 minutes to complete. Touch-ups, every 2 to 4 weeks after, take 30-60 minutes.

Do not curl your lashes or wear any mascara. Remove contact lenses and thoroughly clean your lashes with a mild, water based cleanser. Eyelids and lashes must be completely clean and dry. 
Can I apply mascara to Eyelash Extensions? How long do they last?
One of the primary advantages of eyelash extensions is that you won't need mascara. However, if you want to wear mascara, ask your lash stylist about brand specific mascara, specially formulated to be compatible with eyelash extensions. Never use water-proof or oil-based mascara.

When properly applied and regularly maintained, eyelash extensions can last indefinitely. As your natural lashes shed, the extensions that are attached shed, and new lashes begin to grow. With touch-ups every 2 – 4 weeks, new extensions are added to the newest lashes to replace those that have shed to maintain a full, natural look. 
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